Who are we ?

Who are we ?

KENFA GREEN Algerian young company , dynamic and active limited liability law represented throughout the national territory through in majority of the major areas in order to be increasingly to farmers and makes it possible to respond effectively to the needs of farmers for sustainable and competitive agriculture.

KENFA GREEN specialized in the manufacture of phytosanitary products intended for agriculture which is an essential factor of economic growth, our mission is to protect crops and harvests and preserve the potential of crop yield and improve the quality of harvests and its services. of services Faced with challenges and climate change and diseases.

The symbol of our commitment as a producer of quality products, of which we take the greatest care from planting to harvesting thanks to its own organic production.

KENFA GREEN has been able to develop a logistics process guaranteeing its customers an optimal level of freshness and quality.We are attentive and at your service, always favoring proximity and technical assistance in the field as an obligation vis-à-vis users in agriculture in order to fight against diseases and parasites.

We provide our customers with high-level engineers, present throughout the national territory.

The latter are trained to provide the best techniques to guarantee high product yields (quality and quantity) A young, dynamic and qualified team that shares the conviction of finding innovative and sustainable solutions that respect the use of our product in healthy and profitable agriculture.

Thus, in view of all these advantages mentioned above, KENFA GREEN in the near future intends to extend its expertise in the distribution of phytosanitary products to several countries, especially African countries.

The success of KENFA GREEN is based on five key pillars: innovation, proximity, a wide range of offers, support for farmers and protection of farmers' crops.

The objective is to respond to the growing challenges faced by farmers such as climate change and the fight against the main pests.

Our complete portfolio of combinatorial solutions allows us to bring simplicity to agriculture, using protection products, fungicides, and bactericides, growth regulators and biocontrol products.

Our plant protection range includes conventional, biocontrol and organic farming solutions. We support farmers in the use of our products through tools and services designed with them and for them For the proper use of our products The use of phytosanitary products is strongly regulated by the regulations in the approval process as well as in their use The company kenfa green is now present everywhere in Algeria

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