Phytotec Vines and grapes

Phytotec Vines and grapes

Category: Phytotec

Packaging: 1L/3L/5L

KENFA GREEN oers phytotec product usable in agriculture, phytotec oers the best protection for vines and grapes against damage and disease.
•Use phytotec as part of a pest control treatment and carry out eld inspections to monitor grapes and vineyards.

Use Phytotec:
•Put half of water in the mixing tank and start preparing, very clean, (tank).
•Add concentrated Phytotec to the tank then add the required amount of water mix well.
• Maintain safety during mixing and spraying and thoroughly clean spray equipment with clean water.
•Do not make more than 2 or 3 treatments in the whole season.
•The second application 10 - 15 days after the rst application.
•The treatment is carried out in the rst stage and when the disease aects 5% of the eld, it is followed by another
treatment after 14 days if the weather conditions are favourable.
•When the owers are in their infancy or when the disease is threatened, do not apply during dead calm and when
strong winds blow at more than 20 km / h.
•Use only the recommended amounts on the label for spraying or watering.
Information, please contact our company service or our agents or agricultural advisors in the region for more advise.

Application precautions:
•Do not apply this product to freshwater lakes, rivers or when cleaning equipments.
•Do not apply within 14 days if the disease persists and does not exceed the required dose.
•Irrigation programs are authorized one hour after treatment.
After use:
•After use If the spray mixture remains in the tank overnight or long time during the day, it is best to mix it before

Kenfa green recommends using this product only on the crops and objectives mentioned see catalog
Applied away from residential
In case of contact Call poison control center or doctor
More information: contact Kenfa green National road of Sétif nbr 05 Bordj Bou Arreridj or our distributors authorized.

Warnings :
•Keep away from children.
•During use avoid eating, drinking or smoking.
•When mixing, it is best to wear pants, shoes, gloves and glasses.

Informations sur l'utilisation PHYTOTEC


VIGNES ET RAISINApplicationsDose /litre arrosageDose /litre pulvérisationDéférence de tempsEntrée dans la zone
VIGNES ET RAISIN 2/3 applications 1/600 litres 1/500 litres 10à 15 days 01 hours

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