Organic product bio bio

Organic product bio bio

biostimulants with reliable action in the fields

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Product Features

Fungicide against mildew and other fungi

Formulation: Concentrated suspension (Liquid)

Active ingredient: fungicide combining active ingredients and others expiating against many parasitic fungi and against mildew

Composition: base of products with a concentration of 375g/L

Approval no. 226089

Packaging: 1L/3L/5L

Fungicide combining two active ingredients: Fluopicolide and Propamocarb.

Fluopicolide has a translaminar effect, it acts preventively on spores.

Propamocarb has a systemic effect. It has a preventive and curative action

The combination of the two active ingredients and other expiants confers high efficacy on all stages of the fungus. (including late blight and mildew)

Bio bio is developed to meet the expectations of farmers: to protect their long-term yield

Ready-to-use solution Easy to use thanks to its liquid formulation preventively and curatively on several fungi to guarantee a healthy situation from the begening

The choice of the right equipment (sprayers) and the correct adjustment of it (pressure, forward speed, spraying rate) the correct adjustment and operation of the device makes it possible to reduce the quantities of products

phytosanitary products applied per hectare by reducing waste and making it possible to vary the dose or the control applies to all the nozzles or pellets to obtain the desired volume/ha, at a fixed speed and to be implemented with certain precautions )

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