Phytotec Vegetables

Phytotec Vegetables

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Protect your vegetable crops against diseases and pests we help optimize profitability and ensure regular supply in quantity and
KENFA GREEN offers you a product liquid phytotec usable in agriculture to preserve your crops vegetable
The best protection, quickly attacks different types of diseases , mildew, Alternaria and others parasites

Use of Phytotec:
•Phytotec is used against diseases of vegetable crops according age.
•The use of protective equipment (clothing and glasses), to protect the Body parts as a precaution.
•The interval between applications is 10 or 15 days for all the vegetables mentioned .
•Do not use more than 2 or 3 treatments throughout in the season Start of treatment when the plants have of 15 to 20 cm of
height or when the disease has threatened the vegetable.
•Avoid the untreated clain area from 05 meters to 10 meters at least.

Phytotec Application:
•First application when leaves appear or onset of disease appears.
•Put phytotec in the tank; add half a volume of water, well mixed , fill the tank while continuing to mix the product.
•Clean the tank and equipments with clean water before preparing the mixture, clean equipment before and after in each use.
•When the disease continues to progress after treatment, do not exceed the more dose.
•Use 1 liter of phytotec product with 200 liters of water per hectare when watering 200 liters per hectare by spraying treatment.
•When the disease affects 5% of the field, second treatment after 14 days which follows best results and penetrate treatment and
cover all leaves .
•Do not apply when the wind blows more than 20 km/hour.
•Irrigation programming is authorized after one hour of treatment.
•The date of entry into the field is 48 hours after treatment.

Application precautions:
•Do not apply on lakes, rivers and fresh waterfar from the inhabitants.
•Do not pollute places when cleaning and washing spray and sprinkler equipments .
•Do not apply within 14 days of when fiowers appear.
•Spray equipments should be raised 50 to 60 cm height the vegetables.
•If the treatment mixture remains in the tank over night or during the day, it is best to mix it before application.
KENFA GREEN recommends using this product only on the vegetables crops us mentioned in catalogs.
•Read the instructions for use on catalogs Precaution .
•Keep away from children.
•During mixing, avoid contact with eyes and skin.
•During use avoid breathing, eating, drinking or smoking .
For more information, contact Kenfa green, national road of Sétif num 05 bordj Bou Arreridj or our authorized agents.

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Informations sur l'utilisation PHYTOTEC



vegetablesApplicationsDose /litre arrosageDose /litre pulvérisationDéférence de tempsEntrée dans la zone
Vvegetables 2/3 applications 1/600 litres 1/500 litres 15 à 25 days 01 heure

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